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>I have come fairly late to the party when it comes to blogs – only really discovering them after prompting from my wonderful friend Mr Ruddles.

It’s early days and I intend to expand this selection as and when I find new sources of interest but here are a few of my current favourites that you may wish to check out.

I am Fuel / You are Friends – Heather Brown’s blog is a must for true music fans looking for a gateway to interesting stuff old and new. Her mixtapes are outstanding, particularly her latest Summer mix but the real value is her superb ear which has picked up gems like The Mynabirds who I desperately hope are destined for big things.

It’s Been a Long Time, General –  Peter Turner’s blog offers genuine insight and discussion on a wide range of varied films. His is in fact the blog that inspired my own. The premise is as simple as it gets – Pete watches films, Pete writes about them. The selection are not what you would expect, and at times you may strongly disagree with his views, but the passion, knowledge and above all quality of writing can’t be ignored. This review of the Burton/Depp combination in two lesser known films is one of my favourite.

Luther Burger – How to categorise Luther Burger? Hmm pop culture maybe? It is basically an articulate account of the likes and dislikes of a twenty something living in London and indulging his loves – chiefly food, music and movies. This might not sound like the most inspiring way to spend your valuable reading time but there is an undoubted charm and intelligence about the writing. The gig reviews offer a truly honest appraisal and avoid the fanboy platitudes so prevalent in online blogs. The food focus though is absolutely fascinating from someone who works in the indsutry and has been known to worship at the church of Takeaway. He is a little obsessed with Michael Cera though – you have been warned!

Zonal Marking –  A dip into my love of the football. This site has saved me considerable time as I no longer have to bother with the transfer gossip packed bullshit of the majority of football sites. This guy has Jonathon Wilson levels of knowledge and offer tactical analysis of key games along with articles about the development of the game. This might sound like it would put you to sleep (and for those of you who dislike footy it will) but give it a try. It will certainly give you a new perspective on some aspects of the game and as a long time football obsessive it has made me re-evaluate my beliefs on how the game should be played. Most importantly Alan Green and Jamie Redknapp are nowhere to be seen.

Ok that’s your lot for now, I will post periodic links and hints.

I’ll leave you with a Goat showing Usher how it’s done:

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