Kendal Calling Preview No.2

In an earth shattering twist this is the second installment of my Kendal Calling preview. Enjoy!

Frankie & The Heartstrings

There have been a number of fine bands emerge from the North East over the last ten years from hugely successful acts like Maximo Park to less well known but comparably talented bands like The Romance. Frankie & The Heartstrings hail from Sunderland and the vocal twang reveals their geographic roots. This though is where the similarity ends; noticeable less ‘jolly Geordie’ than many of their counterparts they offer genuinely interesting lyrics and melodies which gladden the heart of a Cure fan like myself.  Their Edwyn Collins produced album has been very well received and they should build upon their growing live reputation at the festival. I would take issue with quality control and Edwin really should have stepped in and kept rubbish like It’s Obvious from taking away from the four or five excellent tracks.



Easy Star All Stars

A covers band with a difference. ESAS are a dub reggae band who have reinvented Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Radiohead in their unique style. I’m no great lover of Floyd and find Sargeant Pepper hit and miss yet given the makeover treatment they have gained an unexpected charm. The true highlight of the ESAS repertoire though is undoubtedly their brilliant take on OK Computer. I suspect these will be a real marmite act – some will despise them but I am a fully paid up fan and can’t wait to see them bring a twist to the festival.

Karma Police


Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra

I hate to admit it but it appears that I am a massive racist. When I saw the name, and then heard the music I expected to read about a band from West Africa – the last thing I expected was to discover they actually hail from West Yorkshire. Formed in the excellent Sela Bar in Leeds they have taken their shared loved of Fela Kuti and run with it. Okay so it may be shamelessly unoriginal and verge on a cover band but for many people this might be their first taste of Afro-beat and these lads do it very, very well.

Lost in Kinshasa

Crosstown Traffic

Goodnight Lenin

I’m very suspicious of this band. I fear some Cowell-esque svengali figure has manufactured them specifically to appeal to me. Named after historical figure? Check. Name close to one of my favourite films? Check. Sound delightfully folky like Laura Marling and Head and the Heart? Check. Write a simple wistful song listing some of my favourite places in Europe? Check. I will be seeking these Brummies out to find out the truth.

Wenceslas Square

Into the Storm

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