Kendal Calling Preview No.1

It is very exciting to be able to say that I’m off to Kendal Calling next month! I’ve been listening a lot to a spotify playlist I made of artists who are appearing. Bar the headliners (The Cribs, Echo and the Bunnymen and Blondie) I’m not very familiar with the acts which makes it all the more exciting to be discovering fantastic new music. I’m going to use this blog over the next few weeks to highlight some of the acts I’m excited about seeing over the weekend.

Kill It Kid

I’d heard the name before without ever really listening. A foolish mistake as on further investigation it turns out they are really rather good. The singer has a unique vocal which bears some comparison with Anthony and the Johnsons and he is backed by a rich musical ensemble which is not averse to a splash of fiddle and slide guitar. That though is only half of the story – the band boast a fantastic female vocalist meaning they are capable of bluesy rock with a glorious feisty edge. I will definitely be seeking out this band in July.

The Sand Band

I am a sucker for whistful indie so it’s no surprise I have fallen hook, line and sinker for The Sand Band. Lyrically they are more Liam Gallagher than Bob Dylan but there are touches of Shack and maybe even Weller. Perhaps a band which could go either way but I’ll be interested to see how they work in a live setting.


Another intriguing artist who caught my attention largely due to the similarity in sound to Let Go-era Nada Surf. Information about Olfar is scarce but it seems it is built around a singer from the Lakes who is now based around Leeds so it is a path I know very well.


A band from Manchester who have already supported Editors and seem perfectly set to do well in the current Arcade Fire worshipping scene. They are obviously nowhere near the scope and majesty of AF but they do prove early impressions of ‘another guitar band from Manchester’ to be wrong and I’ll certainly be checking them out live. Based on this video of their set as part of a Manchester News showcase it should be a treat.

The Chapman Family

I’ll finish the first edition of the Kendal Calling previews with a band from Stockton-on-Tees who gained momentum back in 2009 but for whatever reason have slipped out of consciousness and will be looking to festivals to reignite interest. The track ‘Anxiety’ (below) has pretty much lived in my head since I first heard it on Spotify. I could well end up to be spectacularly wrong given a couple of tracks verge towards emo but the optimist in me feels this could really be one of the standout sets of the weekend.

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